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Lifeway Foods

Lifeway Foods is America’s favorite kefir company. Kefir, affectionately known as the champagne of dairy, is a tart and tangy probiotic drink that’s great in recipes, smoothies, or straight from the bottle. In addition to its line of drinkable kefir, Lifeway also produces farmer cheese and a ProBugs kefir line for kids.

Lifeway’s tart and tangy fermented kefir products are now sold across the United States, Mexico, Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom. Find Lifeway Kefir products near you.

Basile Boston

A boutique restaurant bringing authentic Italian flavors in modern ambiance to Boston since 2007, show a ticket to Immersive Monet and receive a complimentary house dessert

Copley Society of Art

The Copley Society of Art (Co|So) is the oldest non-profit arts gallery in the United States. Founded in 1879 by the first graduating class from the Museum of Fine Arts, The Copley Society is celebrating 143 years.
In 1905 Claude Monet exhibited at the Copley Society with Rodin sculptures. In 1913 the Armory show traveled from New York to Boston. The exhibition included works by Monet, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky.